Our Team

The Terrace Animal Clinic team

Central Veterinary Associates has over 100 employees in the organization. Every single employee comes to the company with a love and desire to work with animals. Our team is extremely dedicated and is always looking forward to helping you and your pet.

Peter Conevery, Administrator

Peter Conevery is the Administrator for the practice. He is also our IT go to person as well as right hand man to the CEO. Peter has been with CVA for 23 years. Starting as a Kennel attendant he has worked his way through the ranks. Originally from Howard Beach, Peter is now an official "Islander". When not spending time with his three daughters, Peter can be found working out. He attributes his healthy diet and CrossFit for keeping him fit and enabling him to do his work to the best of his ability. He is an avid sportsman and outdoor enthusiast. He also shares his home with a Hound mix rescue named "Dude" and "Futer" his geriatric dachshund.

Mary Smith, Practice Manager (Valley Stream Location)

Mary Smith is the Practice Manager of the Main hospital in Valley Stream. She has been with CVA for over twenty-two years. Initially she managed the Terrace Animal Clinic in Great Neck for ten of those years and was grateful for the opportunity to take on the busy hospital. After graduating from Saint John's University with an Associates degree she had several jobs none of which she was passionate about. "I can honestly say that I love my work. I love helping our clients and their pets." She treats every client and patient the way she would want to be treated. "I put myself in their place and empathize with what some of them are experiencing. They are my extended family - over time I have developed friendships and have watched their children grow up as well as their pets." Never "off" from work it is not unusual for her to call clients from home, check to see how they are managing with their pets at home, and hopefully make their tasks a little easier. When she isn't at work Mary enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She jokes that she keeps bringing her work home. Her non-human family consists of two lively Boston Terriers "Bert" and "Spike" a hooded rat named"Ratatouille", two parakeets "Frank" and "Beans" and a dwarf Rabbit named "Checkers". She enjoys anything that has to do with spending time outside.

Maria Berezowski, Head Tech

I graduated from SUNY FarmindaIe with a degree in animal science in 1977. I then went to the Maryland school of dog grooming where I graduated in Dec of 1977 as a lic groomer.. I started here at CVA in January of 1978 as a kennel worker, Dr assistant,Surgical assistant animal groomer & animal transporter. I then went back to school part time to get my degree in Veterinary technology. I sat for the exam in 1983 & became a lic. vet tech. I have been working here as a lic vet tech ever since. I have been a part of CVA's growth with the construction of the new building & new equipment. I have been a mentor to all the techs & have been a part of computer & protocol training of the new associate DVM's.

Heidi Gaumet, Manager of Terrace Animal Clinic

Heidi Gaumet has worked in the animal field for the past ten years, having worked at two large, no-kill shelters on Long Island before joining CVA. Her passion for animals extends outside of work, having worked with TNR programs, fostering kittens and adopting special needs cats.

Carment Noest, Supervisor of Training

Carmen Noest has been with Central Vets since 2002, starting as a doctor assistant and then working as a receptionist before being promoted to Supervisor of Training in 2011. Her current position involves educating and mentoring staff in a variety of settings and ensuring consistency and a high level of customer service throughout the organization's six locations. While working at Central Vets she earned an associates degree in Fine Arts and a bachelors degree in Art History but chose to stay in the veterinary field due to her passion for working with animals. Carmen resides in Queens where she spends a large portion of her time reading books and comics and trying to cuddle her sociopathic cat Vader. Vader spends a large portion of his time plotting Carmen's demise and tricking her into feeding him more treats.